This spring-time plant is one of our favorite subjects.
Mayapples, Podophyllum peltatum
May Apple Patch 2Mayapple plant with bloom P454Mayapple plant with bloom & bud P449Mayapple plant with bloom P429AMayapple plant with bloom P425Mayapple leaves P415Mayapple leaves TN P437Mayapple TN P404Mayapple bloom TN P451Mayapple bloom TN P449Mayapple bloom TN P448Mayapple bloom TN P446Mayapple bloom TN P445Mayapple bloom TN P444Mayapple bloom TN P429BMayapple bloom TN P429AMayapple bloom TN P428AMayapple bloom TN P427AMayapple (Podophyllum peltatum) P486Mayapple blooms TN P457