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Photography of Animals - Butterflies, Wild Ponies, Bison, Horses, Whitetail deer, Fish, Squirrels, Birds, Elk, Shorebirds, Turtles

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A051B Whitetail deerA075 Whitetail buck in SmokiesA076 Whitetail buck in woodsA077 Whitetail buck in woodsA151 Osprey in flight, Sanibel, FloridaA155 White Ibis, Sanibel, FloridaA156 White Ibis, Sanibel FloridaA160 Little Blue Heron, Sanibel, FloridaA180 Louisiana Heron, Hydranassa tricolor ruficollis, Sanibel, FloridaA183 Louisiana Heron, Hydranassa tricolor ruficollis, Sanibel, FloridaA187 Snowy Egret, Sanibel, FloridaA192 Great Blue Heron, Sanibel, FloridaA193 Great Blue Heron, Sanibel, FloridaA206 White Ibis, Sanibel, FloridaA229A Red Shouldeed Hawk, Sanibel, FloridaA231 Louisiana Heron, Hydranassa tricolor ruficollis, Sanibel, FloridaA232 Locust BorerA241 Prairie Dog at Greycliffe Prairie Dog Town, MontanaA252 Bull Elk, Yellowstone National ParkA254 Bison, Yellowstone National Park