When you are 'browsing' the photos individually, the caption, image number and title (if applicable) are displayed under the frame. You can click on the photo to zoom in on it and then look around at the page options in that view. I recommend using the 'Dim the Lights' feature, as the pictures will display bigger with a black background. Hover your mouse over the image. Along the left side of the image, there are options, one of which is "Dim the Lights". Select that. Once there, you will see options for ordering.


If a photo is available to purchase, there will be a 'Buy' button on the upper right corner of your screen.  Click the "BUY" button or "Select Photos" button. 

That takes you to my Shop where you can choose prints, gifts, home decor, or digital downloads. If prints, choose the size and quantity of the photograph. 

At My Shop if you want prints, you can select size, crop the image, select color or black and white, and select paper surface. When you are finished ordering prints, you can access your 'Shopping Cart' and then be able to select the number of prints. 

If you have any problems or questions concerning the placement of an order, please email me at [email protected]. Please reference the image number, which is in the 'Caption' field, and the 'Gallery' name when inquiring about a specific image


You may also contact me at [email protected] and place your order directly with me. I will process your order and have it delivered securely. Payment is through Paypal.

Thanks for visiting!

Please note that if a watermark is present on the image on the website, it will NOT be on the final print. Also, the images here are reduced in size and resolution, but the original, full-size file will be used for printing.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site and please let me know if you have any questions or problems. [email protected]