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Photography of Omaha and Eastern Nebraska, Arbor Lodge State Historical Park, Beatrice, Homestead National Monument, Brownville, Flat Water Folk Museum, Fumas House, Kregel Windmill Company, Lincoln, Sheldon Museum of Art, Missouri River Basin, Lewis and Clark Visitor Center, Strategic Air and Space Museum

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Nebraska Arbor Farm  5090016Nebraska Arbor Farm Lied Lodge 5090006Nebraska Arbor Farm Lied Lodge 5090008Nebraska Arbor Farm Lied Lodge 5090018Nebraska Arbor Lodge State Historical Park 5090020Nebraska Arbor Lodge State Historical Park 5090021Nebraska Arbor Lodge State Historical Park 5090035Nebraska Arbor Lodge State Historical Park 5090033Nebraska Arbor Lodge State Historical Park 5090034Nebraska Arbor Lodge State Historical Park 5090023Nebraska Arbor Lodge State Historical Park 5090031Nebraska Arbor Lodge Tree Adventure 5100044Nebraska Arbor Lodge Tree Adventure 5100049Nebraska Arbor Lodge Tree Adventure 5100054Nebraska Arbor Lodge Tree Adventure 5100057Nebraska Arbor Lodge Tree Adventure 5100058Beatrice, Nebraska 5120315Beatrice, Nebraska 5120317Homestead National Monument, Beatrice, Nebraska 5120331Homestead National Monument, Beatrice, Nebraska 5120339